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12 Jul 2017
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Winter Season Driving Tips To Help Keep You Safe On The Road


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Posted By Leland S.

Driving a car on a warm day in the summer is both enjoyable and mainly safe and usually something to look forward to. Eventually, cold wintry weather settles in and we're frequently faced with perilous road conditions. Sometimes, it really is too hazardous to risk driving in any way, but there are other situations that require us to drive even when facing weather conditions such as snow, ice, or fog. If you are new to driving, this may be particularly stressful since you may still be very inexperienced when it comes to facing extreme weather conditions. Following are some ways to make winter driving easier for you.

It's a given that your automobile needs to be in top condition so it can deal with harsh winter weather. This can of course mean spending some money but this is money wisely spent when you consider the potential consequences of a poorly maintained car in winter conditions. Getting the car thoroughly serviced is the best choice but, at a minimum, you should have your car winterized to prevent unexpected issues. Examining your tires, brakes, and fluids is really imperative if you hope to avoid significant driving issues during the winter. Plus, remember, that you need to additionally consider how your car's condition can affect your family and other drivers on the road.

In the course of wintry weather, how you drive matters just as much as what shape your car is in. You could be forced to handle various dangerous situations and, subsequently, you will need to modify how you drive. Strangely enough, large numbers of drivers do not slow down or leave a greater distance between vehicles when bad weather hits. These types of risks likely cause the majority of accidents in dangerous winter road conditions. Furthermore, you should never drive when you are not well rested or other things are keeping you from focusing on the road because concentration is essential in this type of driving situation.

During the winter, it is absolutely essential to have the ability to handle any emergency that comes up. Cold weather can become a major problem should your car develop problems or traffic slow down significantly. For starters, you need to have an emergency road help number available to call when something occurs. Be sure to always keep an emergency preparedness package within your vehicle at all times at this time of the year. In other words, you'll want to have suitable blankets and food that will help to keep you warm if you're stranded somewhere in the cold.

In any case, we all know that we will probably be faced with this type of driving from time to time. Whenever you prepare carefully ahead of time and remember to drive appropriately for the weather, you can look forward to a safe ride and a happy journey's end.

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By Andrew W. on JUL 16 2017 @ 2:22PM

Okay, wanna know the best tip I ever learned? Turn on your AC along with the windshield defroster to get rid of the fog on your windshield, it's a lifesaver!

By Patrice F. on JUL 15 2017 @ 3:02PM

I saw someone totally bite it walking on the sidewalk today.

By Hattie K. on JUL 15 2017 @ 6:01AM

Just because there isn't a bunch of snow on the road doesn't mean there isn't ice. It drives me crazy when people speed down an icy road only to skid out somewhere.

By Annie S. on JUL 13 2017 @ 8:08PM

Please, get me away from this snow, it never leaves!

By Delores C. on JUL 13 2017 @ 5:11PM

Make sure you have a spare. Changing a tire in the cold is no fun, but not having any tire to change out can be downright dangerous.

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